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Cassie Leah Photography Moves to Asheville

"Live your life on purpose."

After selling everything we owned to backpack Europe with our toddler for 7 months, my family and I had a huge shift in perspective on what's truly important in this story we call life. We are the designers, the creators of our own stories, and that means we can change it for the better, whenever, and however, that may look for us. Moving from Florida to Asheville, NC was a big part of aligning our actions with our values and plans for a simpler life. A life of togetherness, connection with one another and with Mother Earth, for that is what bring us the most joy. This move meant a restart of my professional baby and family photography business, after 11 years of working with loyal clients turned friends and developed community connection. But change is good, change causes growth. I realized that if my family is simplifying to grow closer to our authentic selves, then my photography business should too! After all, life just flows better when things are kept simple.

Introducing our Simply Series™. Photography sessions that are easy to book, short in duration, and all-inclusive to keeps things simple so you can focus on what truly matters.

Read more about our Simply Series™, contact us or schedule your Simply Series™ photography session.

Cassie Leah Photography is a photographer specializing in natural #engagement, #maternity, #baby and #family portrait photos in the Asheville area.

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