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"First Forty Days" Postpartum and Lifestyle Newborn Photography

The first forty days are a sacred new beginning for your growing family. Rest, recovery and deep connection are the theme of these fleeting days.

We are here to capture this intimate time as a witness of your strength and beauty without interfering with your little one's bonding. No need for changing clothes, doing hair or makeup, even getting out of bed. Our goal is to document the beauty, the challenges, the quietness, and all those little things that you never want to forget. Be as you are, take a nap, change his diaper yet again, nurse, rock, sing, cook, cry, bathe...

We will spend 2 quiet, unobtrusive hours on any day of your choice within the first forty days of #postpartum with your sweet family in your home, holding space for this magical time and doing what we do best.

"First 40 Days" Postpartum and Lifestyle #Newborn sessions come with a private online gallery, high-resolution digital downloads of your entire collection and personal print and social media sharing rights. 

Your "First Forty Days" postpartum and lifestyle newborn photo session date will be confirmed once baby has arrived. Contact us with questions or simply book online to schedule your Postpartum Lifestyle Photography Session.

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