All of our fine art albums are made entirely by hand, of eco-friendly materials and are of the highest archival quality! Our Magnolia Fine Art Albums are by far the most beautiful wedding albums we have ever seen!

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Cover Options

Choose from three beautiful cover options:

Organic Vintage (pictured above)

  • Made from heavyweight 100% hemp canvas
  • Tough, textured and thick
  • Natural fibers & print process creates a vintage look and feel
  • Features custom wrap-around photo design

Dupioni Silk

  • Made from 100% silk
  • Simple & timeless
  • Colorful, raw & fibrous
  • Elegant subtle iridescent sheen & texture
  • 5 earth-toned flavors to choose from



Peace Silk: We are the first and only company to offer Peace Silk as a cover option, and it is amazing! Peace Silk comes from cocoons of caterpillars who have already turned into moths and flown away.

  • Made from 100% silk
  • Simple & timeless
  • Course & raw textured weave
  • Fabric contains flecks of gold, honey, cream & chocolate



Endpaper Options

Endpapers are the decorative pages at the beginning and end of a book, attaching the book block to the cover. Endpapers are a beautiful way to add character and detail to our wedding album by revealing incredible splashes of color, pattern and texture. We offer 6 gorgeous papers chosen for beauty, texture and of course, environmental friendliness!


A brilliant, hand-marbled paper reminiscent of the colorful banding in agate geodes, a gemstone formed in the folds of ancient lava deposits. Our agate paper is a rich iron orange, marbled with black, metallic gold and occasional splashes of purple. The base paper is made of pulp from the mulberry bush, considered to be one of the fastest-growing renewable plants found in nature.


The aged look of this paper reminded us of prehistoric mammoth ivory. How poetic it would be to have your album bookended with this enduring symbol of strength and beauty! The base paper is handmade Lokta, created from the highly renewable mulberry bush.

Ancient Ore

This stunning chocolate brown paper is handmade of 100% recycled cotton rag. It has a fine, rock-like texture and a sparkling iridescence.


Our client favorite is undeniable elegant. Our textured scrimshaw paper, made from recycled plastic bags, illustrates a lush garden full of exotic birds and blossoming trees– a lovely wish for a happy life!

Woodcut Paisley

This bold paisley print is a nod to the traditional woodblock textile prints of East Asia. The inky black pattern is silk-screened onto a cream lokta paper, known for its soft, cottony texture.

Wild Magnolia

Like the Woodcut Paisley, our wild magnolia design is silk-screened onto a cream lokta paper. Having this paper in your album would surely be a good omen– the magnolia blossom reaches as far back as twenty million years ago and can still be found around the world today.


The Printing Process- Your album is sure to be a family heirloom for generations to come!

  • Epson 900 Series printers- Considered by many to be the best high-end inkjet printers in the world
  • Delivers brilliant & accurate color
  • High-end printing without the use of resins and toxins
  • Archival inks- Rated to last over 200 years in dark storage

The Paper- Somerset Velvet paper

  • The very best, high-end paper you can get
  • Watercolor texture adds tactile sensation to the pages of your album
  • Very thick and completely tree-free!
  • Made entirely of cotton

Spreads & Sizes

  • All Magnolia Fine Art Albums include 18 full page spreads (36 page sides)
  • Typically, an album with 18 spreads displays between 30-50 images
  • Add more spreads at an additional cost
  • Flush mounted- Design on each spread seamlessly spans across the page fold
  • 4 album sizes to choose from- 8×8, 10×10, 9×12, 12×12


  • Starting at $1200

Our Magnolia Fine Art Albums are exceptionally beautiful. They are entirely customized for you and made to last a lifetime!

Email us to place your order and we’ll contact you to begin your design!