For our first studio highlight, we found it only appropriate to introduce our Eco-Chic Newborn and Baby Studio!

Yes! Our Newborn Studio creation and transformation has been quite a project and we are seriously stoked to say: Our handmade, organic newborn photo studio is officially open!

The Newborn Photo Studio



To give you a brief idea of what we started with, here is a before picture of the room we planned on bringing to life and making into our newborn studio:




The first and most obvious step…get rid of that royal purple shag carpet! This was probably the most satisfying feeling about the entire project. We gladly got right to it and tore up the carpet, ripped it off those little nails along the baseboards, rolled it up and hulled it outside. Heck yes!!! Out with that ugly carpet!! Step one complete.



Although purple and green are our favorite colors, there was something extremely off-putting about the light purple walls and the ‘puke’ green trim. We wanted to transform the room from a dark purple dungeon to a light, airy, lot’s of sunshine, beautiful place to be, chic boutique studio.

So, we were off to the local hardware store where we bought Zero VOC Eco paint. We naively thought to ourselves “it’s a small room, one primer and two cans of paint will do.” We’d painted rooms together before and we were so excited to turn this room into something great. We eagerly busted out our paint brushes and rollers and got to work.



We started painting on a Friday and made plans to hang out by the pool on Saturday. Four more trips to the store for more paint, four days, and lots of sweat (no pool) later, we were almost done with painting. (There was something about the 1920’s wood that just drank the paint we coated on and something not quite right about that ‘puke’ green glossy paint that repelled our bright white glossy paint).

Once the painting was complete, the room already had a whole new energy about it (and our shoulder and arm muscles were sore for days). It was that light and airy feel with sunshine coming in through the two large historic bungalow windows that we knew was possible!




We picked out a sustainable bamboo flooring that is light in color, again adding to the light and airy feel of the room. Once installed… holly caramba!! What a difference from the purple shag.





The next step is by far my favorite part to any room transformation. . . decorating! We wanted a comfy area of the room for the parent(s) of the baby to watch, wait and read eco-baby books…so we created a chic comfy parent’s corner.


Chic Comfy Corner


The baby changing station is totally essential because we want to provide an overall sense of comfort and inclusiveness when bringing your newborn into the studio. It is so important to us that this is a fun and relaxing experience for everyone involved so we sought out and stocked the changing station with all organic products, including diapers, creams, powder and towels. Even the cotton in the changing pad is organic!

 Organic Baby Changing Station


We could totally put a baby in that..!

Our changing station also holds all of our oh-so-cute handmade baby knit wraps, crocheted hats, blankets and throws. Cassie and I never stop perusing for adorable baby props, buckets and such!

Baby Photo Props and Wraps



We’ve both always been into making homemade jewelry like hemp necklaces and bracelets. So we thought, what the heck! Let’s use our skills for the babes! We got a bunch of yarn of all different colors and handpicked natural beads, buttons, jewels and flowers. We stitched every knot ourselves and made quite an adorable selection of headbands to style up our beautiful newborn baby girls!


Handmade Eco Baby Headbands



The finishing touches were to add examples of the awesome eco-friendly products that we offer as part of our newborn packages. The oh-so-chic Organic Bloom frame collection, the elegant and super cool Gallery Canvas Collection, as well as our impressive Sustainable Bamboo prints soon made their place on our new studio’s bright walls.


Studio Samples in the Newborn Studio


It has certainly been a long time comin’ and we are two very excited chicks right now because our hard work has paid off!! We have finished the revamp of this little space and have successfully turned it into our handmade, organic, chic-boutique baby photo studio. Whooop whooop!


The Studio is Finished

We’ve got our handmade baby posing bean bag and a variety of super sweet backdrops that we will set-up for your baby’s session! Yay! We are so excited to work with you and your sweet little newborn in our studio! Although the space is catered to newborns between 5-10 days of age, it is also available for 3 month sessions, as well as for ‘birthday cake-smash’ sessions for our grown up 1 year olds!


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