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Three years of running this photography business by myself. I am definitely happy but I am tired. Tired of wanting and wishing that I could do everything better, more efficient, more true to the way I’ve dreamed of running my business. I am so caught up in the daily to-do list that I find the business is running me! I am not complaining… I wear jeans to work, I make my own schedule, and work at my own pace… with my cat on my lap. But I wish I could do more; serve my clients better, provide more products, options and overall a more amazing experience. I went to school for hospitality management which, of course, is all about the experience and the service. I am a service provider! A people pleaser! I just need more time to please my people!


The love of my life, my partner of 5 years. She works her butt off as Assistant GM of Hotel Indigo Sarasota (a badass eco friendly hotel, by the way). She has worked up to her ‘dream job’ for 3 years now. I see her wake up super early…well my eyes are definitely shut at 6am but nonetheless…she puts in 50-60 hours a week striving every moment to work harder than the day before. She is also a people pleaser. She is providing the service I dream of and running the business too. (Of course she has an entire team of people doing it with her.) Over the course of time, as she has progressed in her position at the hotel, she has learned a whole lot about running a successful business. She comes home and tells me about complicated stuff…managing the accounting, human resources and front office operations. She talks about how her head hurts from compiling the general ledger and profit and loss statements… She never imagined she would even like this kind of job, she is such a people person and all about hospitality too (we actually graduated from the same school with the same major) turns out, she not only loves managing the operations and the employees, but loves those super important things…the numbers.


We have always talked about running a business together, how we are seriously the perfect combo, how awesome it would be to be in total control of our lives. And to be together all day?…priceless. We are so similar in so many ways, our personal and business values and morals are an exact match. The awesome thing is… we are so much alike where it matters and we are different where it is needed. Where I am creative, she is detailed and structured.


So one day, about 6 months ago, in the midst of putting together invoices, reconciling my bank account and writing back emails, it hit me! “Why the heck don’t we do it??” We are young, we have no mortgage, no car payment, no kids (although I am getting baby fever with all of these adorable newborns in our studio). My point is, if there was ever a perfect time for Julia to quit her job and jump in with both feet, it was now. We were super excited, giddy even. We allowed ourselves to indulge in the amazing ideas and possibilities with absolutely no limits. About 20 minutes later, Julia got really serious. I could almost see the wheels turning. She put a ton of thought into it, crunching the numbers and creating crazy spreadsheets to see if it ‘would work’. Here I am, “it’ll work!! it’ll work!!” But this was a huge change, she would leave her hotel job, her career. She put quite a detailed plan together of how she was going to go about it so that every aspect was covered. She gave 3 months notice to her boss at the hotel and reinforced her bridges with 2×4‘s. She saved every penny and created a budget for us, meanwhile, I was busy as heck keeping the engine running and designing her new business cards: Julia Allerdyce, Owner | Studio Manager, Cassie Leah Photography.


Here we are, 2 weeks in and I am so excited to have her by my side! So, to my wonderful current and future clients, I’d like to introduce to you, my other half. Julia will be doing all of those amazing but time consuming things like managing the accounting and all of the praise-less structured business management duties, allowing me to spend more time behind the lens! We are super excited to roll out our new way of doing business, completely designed around you, our awesome and amazing clients that deserve the best full-service experience that two hospitality majors, people pleasing, business-running chicks can give!

Julia Allerdyce, Owner

All I can say is WOW. I’ve been having so much fun working with this gorgeous couple for their engagement and up-coming wedding photography. They are seriously awesome, and totally made for one another.

It actually happened to be on Facebook where Scott’s cute smile first caught Ashley’s eye from the “People You May Know” tab. With an upwards of 50 mutual friends, she got right to business and asked to be his friend. Friend request accepted, and the rest is history.

We had a blast spending the warm summer morning in downtown Sarasota’s historic district. Ashley’s first love, her adorable black lab, even joined us for a few fun family shots – gotta love that big happy tongue!!  My favorite images are the oh-so-sexy ‘Jungle Love’ series we took at the end of the session. I can’t get over how beautiful Ashley and Scott look together, their love and laughter certainly made for an awesome summer lovin’ engagement shoot!

Dog engagement shootDowntown Sarasota engagement loveBlack lab tongue and love Facebook engagement loveGorgeous Jungle Love

This precious newborn baby girl was such an easy-going and beautiful little sleeper for her newborn photo session! Her angelic face and gorgeous new skin looked so pretty in the soft natural light that was shining through our studio’s old bungalow windows that day. I was so excited to dress her up in our handmade headbands, curl her up and pose her in all her cuteness.

Audreyana loved the postions so much, I later got a text message from her Dad with a picture of her still posing at home – what a natural!! During post production of the photos, I couldn’t stop smiling, a few times I even laughed out loud at her silly little smirk-it is seriously too cute. I just can’t get enough of this little ‘love bug’ (as her awesome parents call her).

Thank you Josalyn and Chris for being so relaxed and helpful during her session. I hope you had as much fun as I did. There is just something so unbelievably cool about photographing newborns!

Newborn Baby Angel

Newborn baby girl in tan wrapBaby girl with purple flower headbandNewborn baby girl sleeping in a basketNew parents with newborn baby girl

Time sure does fly! It feels like only yesterday that I spent a beautiful afternoon at the beach with Carrie and Eric for their maternity session (you can see that blog post here)! And now their handsome little babe is already 6 months old and cute. as. EVER!! We had a great time at Island Park in downtown Sarasota capturing his laid back, silly personality and oh-so-sweet facial expressions. I just love the fun and bold colors of their outfits, creating a unique look that certainly portrays the playfulness of this adorable family. Thanks Carrie and Eric, I can’t wait to work with you again in another 6 months!!

6 Month Baby at the ParkBaby boy on Sarasota BayBaby Boy Just like DaddyBaby in a Bucket by RocksBaby in a TreeLifesaver Beach BabyBaby Beach Bum

I could not get enough of this beautiful baby girl. Taylor came into the studio on her 7th day in this world and immediately stole my heart with her adorable facial expressions and pretty little lips! She was so content and allowed up to wrap her up and pose her with ease. Such a sweet little baby, I can’t wait to continue working with her as we capture every 3 months of her first year! Stay tuned and watch her grow!!

Newborn Taylor at 7 days oldNewborn Baby Holding Head
The love between a Newborn and her MotherRelaxed in LaceSleepy Newborn Yawn

My favorite time of the year is by far the beginning of spring, so I was thrilled when we set a springtime date to capture the love between Jennifer and Joey for their engagement session! We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in downtown Sarasota’s historic neighborhood of Laurel Park, where the sweet smell of jasmine filled the air. The warm sun shined down in all its glory, lighting up the colorful hues of the plants and wild flowers that surrounded us. Nothing feels more like love than the magic of spring, and combined with the beauty of this couple, we captured just that.

Springtime LoveSarasota Bamboo EngagementBrick road EngagementReflection of Love

When I first met Amy and Tres, I felt as though I had been reunited with two of my best friends. They welcomed me into their lives with warm embraces and genuine smiles that made me feel so very loved and appreciated. As this beautiful couple are engaged and expecting a little one very soon, their ‘engagement session’ was also an ‘expecting’ session! We had a blast at the beach on Siesta Key, celebrating this exciting time in their lives. I feel so lucky to have them as clients and I cannot wait to continue capturing their love story at their wedding and throughout their journey as new parents <3

Maternity on Siesta KeyMaternity Photography near rocks on the beachGreenery loveYoga Baby BumpPregnant Sitting in SeagrassKissing on Siesta KeyReflections of a Baby BumpBaby Bump Silhouette Sunset

Little miss Aaliyah made a quick stop in the studio while she and her Mama, my cousin Carolyn, were visiting Sarasota over the weekend from their home in Daytona. After a long day at the beach, Aaliyah was utterly exhausted and happily allowed me to capture a few 6-week-old portraits. She is SUCH a pretty little girl; I just can’t get over her beautiful and creamy skin, and those lips! Thanks for the visit Carolyn, and congratulations on your perfect little princess!

6 week old Aaliyah